First Aid Training in Thailand

All First Aid training through FAT Medics is managed by Mr G. Hawkes, course scheduals/ teaching DAN AP courses is Stephen Read who is an Experienced Dive Medical Technician (DMT) / Assistant Life Support Technician (A/LST). All fat medics’ staff have been fully trained through the DDRC research facility in Plymouth, UK. For the past 10 years, staff members have been dealt with over 400 diving DCI cases and many non-diving injuries. Logistics like coordinating and stabilizing diving & non diving patients, for remote evacuation via speed boat / Helicopter. This extensive hand’s on experience adds a high quality to all courses conducted. For more information on Fat Medics staff go to:

FAT Medics

First Aid Training by Medics are based in the official "DAN Resource & Distribution Centre" (on Koh Tao in Thailand), for the Divers Alert Network in Thailand, offering quality DAN first aid training courses at all levels / DAN training materials /first aid teaching equipment and anatomical posters.

All FAT Medics training programs are over seen by highly experienced, active Dive Medic Technicians.

FAT Medics are the only trainers that offer quality training in all DAN Asia Pacific courses at all levels: Provider, Instructor, Instructor Trainer and Instructor Trainer -Trainer.

DAN courses available through FAT Medics

Oxygen first aid courses.
DAN AP offers a variety of oxygen courses, from basic to advanced oxygen use, to train potential rescuers in administration of oxygen for diving accidents and other general first aid emergencies.

On site Neurological Assessment for Divers
This course provides training in on-site assessment of neurological signs and symptoms of decompression illness and certain other injuries in the field.

First Aid courses.
DAN AP offers high quality First Aid training at Basic (One day, “Medic First Aid”) to an advance 2 day, “Senior First Aid” course. The Senior First Aid course is a prerequisite to work with in the diving industry of certain states of Australia

First Aid for Hazard Marine Life Injuries
This program covers; marine life injuries management, Indications of hazardous marine life injuries, types of hazardous marine life injuries & first aid procedures.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
This program educates divers & others to better recognize the warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest and to administer first aid using Basic Life Support techniques and Automated External Defibrillator.

DAN Instructor Course
Active Diving Instructors with an active CPR certificate can participate in a DAN Instructor Course to get certified as a DAN Instructor for one or more of the courses mentioned. After you have successfully completed the DAN IC you will be able to offer the DAN course to your own students.

DAN AP Training

DAN AP Training
"DAN, the Divers Alert Network, is a world leader in the provision of accident management training for the diving community and beyond. Some of the training programs are recognized under the Nationally Recognized Training Scheme in Australia, so the courses can be in corporate as an integral part of a variety of courses conducted within the tertiary education sphere. The courses are also recognized by various Workplace Authorities within Australia and beyond.
For more information on DAN please go to:

Attention all SSI Professionals

To all SSI professionals, please note a prerequisite to renew as a current SSI pro for 2009-10, you have to have dive insurance + be able to deliver Oxygen through an O2 system designed for scuba diving injuries, regardless where ever you are based.
For dive insurance packages please go to the DAN web site (Under web links shown top right)
Thailand based SSI pros, have a special discount towards the DAN "Oxygen Provider for scuba diving injuries" course only through FAT Medics.

Please for more information contact Gary Hawkes (Managing Director of SSI in Thailand) on:


The Diving Diseases Research Centre (DDRC, UK, Plymouth), is a charity which aims to promote and take part in the medical treatment, training and research associated with the use of hyperbaric oxygen in the treatment of diving diseases and other medical problems.
DDRC run a number of training course in Hyperbaric medicine.
Over the past 4 years DDRC has been visiting Thailand to conduct:-
-Remote Emergency Medical Technician(REMT),
-Diver Medical Technician(DMT),
-Basic Hyperbaric(BHC),
-Clinical Hyperbaric Technician(CHT),
-Clinical Hyperbaric Registered Nurse(CHRN)
& Dive Medical Officers (DMO) course.
Up and coming course in Thailand & UK based course.
PLease visit: For more information within Thailand
Or Contact DDRC directly. Address:
Diving Diseases Research Centre, Tamar Science Park,Research Way, Plymouth, PL6 8BU
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